Stella Carrier Script Stories Law of Attraction Edition Script 20

Stella Carrier Script Stories Law of Attraction Edition Script 20

Wednesday July 19, 2017

Start Time Writing Freestyle Story Started After assembling resources and outline points in story as well as main title and greeting

Start time by sometime after 1259 am

End time 117 am


The time period is now November 2021. I Stella Carrier am celebrating over three years of success maintaining a 110 pound body. I Stella Carrier finally achieved my 125 pound body weight loss goal by December 2017. I had to stick with eating some of the same things for my diet but my plan paid off. It feels great to have the same body that I did when I was 23 years old. I have to admit that my body weight first changed around 7 months after I underwent a successful tubal ligation surgery operation in April 2004. However, as the timeframe is now November 2021, it now feels good to have this 110 pound body that I manifested by mid 2018. I Stella Carrier now have over 70,000 dollars after taxes saved in my Bank of America and Sun Trust banking accounts. I now consistently make at least 3000 dollars  a month after taxes and I feel blessed to say that I am now able to send my husband at least 200 dollars after taxes or more each month in money. My prosperity manifestation efforts started to spiritually, celestially,and magically skyrocket after I saved over 2000 dollars after taxes by December 1, 2017 and I followed my intuition and logic on sticking to a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule that was best for me regardless of what other people thought. Additionally, the career coach and therapy that I voluntarily sought out for myself by September 2017 helped me see the light on what I need to do to improve things for myself on the money and career front. Deep down, I knew that I was the one  in charge of my career destiny and that I intuitively and logically  need to follow what is best for me yet also watch how I act andor what I say about my current coworkers when it comes to the golden rule because my celestial spirit ally team downloaded important guidance to my intuition that suggests that some of my current coworkers might follow me to the area that I am to relocate and reside by the year 2020 or sooner.


I Stella Carrier have been having more mystical and psychic dreams that have given me story ideas and important intuitive information on how to transform even my challenges into greater spiritual evolution opportunities. I Stella Carrier also feel blessed to have a paid for mazda 3 car and I consistently make at least 800 dollars a month after taxes or more for my fiction story telling and other successful side gigs that I stay secret about for some reason. I Stella Carrier also feel blessed to be able to travel to different places with my amazing husband Rusty Ridler. Some of the following places that we have visited so far as of November 2012; Disneyland in Anaheim California, Vancouver Canada, New Zealand, various parts of the Washington D.C. area and the Hampton Roads Virginia area including Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia, Austria, Australia, Japan, Switzerland. Additionally, Rusty Ridler and I Stella Carrier are enjoy massive career success and give great service and work that make many of our fellow coworkers and customers happy. Fortunately, my sweet husband Rusty Ridler and I have successfully juggled a long distance marriage even when other people judged and questioned what we were doing.  I stayed supportive about Rusty staying at his job/career in College Park, Maryland while as of January 2021, I have been successfully visiting Rusty Ridler in the Washington D.C. area from the Norfolk Virginia area for at least 3 times a month. I am able to even pick him up from work in a rental car as my current job has discount agreements with many car companies across the Washington D.C. area and Hampton Roads Virginia area.



Read Bruce Lee’s Inspiring Letter to Himself

bruce lee letter template

by Blog Author on Mon, Mar 18, 2013


My psychic abilities expand each day.

I am creating heaven on earth.

I Call Upon What I Imagine To Be The Influence of Benevolent Spirits From the Heavenly Realms, my higher self, and my celestial spirit ally team for creativity in both my writings and all other areas of my life both present and future

I interpret my dreams accurately and receive guidance from them.

I call upon angelic assistance today.

I am a success. I allow myself to feel successful.

I see and acknowledge the goodness in others.

I accept abundance, and it is coming to me now.



I acknowledge that I may have unintentionally came across as being a rhymes with witch and starts with the letter b when sharing this a related post in regards to this Betsy Davos controversy on my facebook yesterday. However, I have good intentions and am keeping this student loan story and others like it as a reminder to myself on why I must stay career
obsessed even when some of my well-meaning family members andor friends think that I may be dreaming too big in believing that I can repay my student loans by the year 2035 or sooner. I do believe that all 19 states are going to win in this suit against Davos. However, even with this suit, Davos is so wealthy and has the protection of President Donald Trump to where whatever she pays will probably be a drop in the bucket of her overall wealth. I am guessing this is going to be equivalent to a person who makes around 1000 a month after taxes being expected to pay 15 dollars or less. I wish that I did not have to say this but this mainstream story only makes Betsy Davos more famous and in her case more fame, even controversial publicity is probably going to just going to make her wealthier even more. No, I do not wish bad on her, but Davos is getting so much coverage and fame from how she is handling being hired to solve the student loan problem that even the negative publicity/negative attention is working towards her popularity and advantage. I reluctantly say this because it is common knowledge that a person cannot declare bankruptcy on their student loans and has to work in some type of year round money paying job to at least ensure minimum payments are made. My point, I reluctantly admit that even the negative attention is going to work in Betsy Davos’s favor to become wealthier and famous because her high profile from other states is independent from the fact that many people sometimes do not pay their student loans not because they don’t want to rather it is because it is tricky for some people to get jobs that would help towards consistently paying their loans either because some jobs are simply not hiring even when said person has experience, more minimum wage jobs require experience andor sometimes even the best jobs with openings available are only for work that is temporary andor seasonal and not year round.

18 States Sue DeVos, Education Department Over Student Loan Move

Trump administration sued by 18 US states over student loan relief

Trump administration sued by 18 US states over student loan relief by Reuters



I agree that the women pictured are very beautiful. However, I just wish that more members of the mainstream media understood that it is still a different experience for a woman, regardless of her race, depending on how fat and thin she is. My point; I am very happy for these women as I can easily see that they are naturally happy and they have perfectly shaped bodies and proclaim their beauty and intelligence without shaming women that know that they have to lose weight. My point; this article is well meaning and I am going to keep it for reference as to how a self confident, intelligent, and beautiful woman conducts herself. However, it is still a completely different experience for a minority woman who is working on losing weight-whether light skinned andor darker complected. I grew up thin and had a thin body until I a few months after I turned 24 but I admit that I was guilty of allowing my weight to go higher than it should have after I voluntarily left the navy in 2009 and now I am in the process of getting smaller. I prefer to avoid posting a comment to that article today but my point is that I am happy for these women and I hope that they enjoy many more years of happiness and seeing the best in their beauty and intelligence. I wonder where these women live as I know from personal experience that where you live actually indirectly plays a role as well. The beach setting makes me wonder if these ladies live in California.  Yes, I have lived in California through the Navy before and it is actually a nice place to live. My point is that none of these women are what other people would consider fat but I am glad that these women see their beauty and intelligence and I hope and pray that the mainstream writer of this article does not try to shame a woman for being determined to get thinner.
I use to be in the military and I have made as much as 3,000 dollars a month before after taxes from part of 2008 and part of 2009, so I know from firsthand experience how a military person such as the one profiled can be in a position to financially help others. Fortunately, I have not cosigned for anyone and there are no cosigners on my student loans so naturally my student loans die with me if I unexpectedly die young. I even plan on pursuing a 2nd bachelor’s degree online taking just one class at a time while working full-time so that I am in the black financially speaking when finishing this 2nd degree by the year 2030 or sooner. However, something tells me that this story involving Sina a 29 year old soldier in the Army is more commonplace than ever in this yahoo finance article of Fix My Finances: I cosigned a loan—and my buddy defaulted


Women Go Viral for Their Incredible Beach Looks


Fast food guilty pleasures of the rich and famous by Anna Bailey of LoveFood
I had seen a bluebird earlier today and the text was taken from the shamanic journey website

Jays symbolise huge talent, however, this talent must be developed and used correctly. If jay has flown into your life, this may be a signal that you are coming into a time where you can begin to help the inherent wisdom that lies within you (within us all!) to mature.


finding a career coach
muse article by Adrian Granzella Larssen


How to Choose the Right Career Coach for You



I truly wish that I can implement some of these practices but what to do to battle subtle discrimination, until I can get skinnier to rejoin the military,

Some of these suggestions are great and well-meaning and I do have some friends and family members who accept me.

However, many of them already know of my situation, this is why I am partially going to follow through on seeking outside

help in the way of a career coach and therapist  to resolve and heal my money and career situation. I intend to stop

typing now so that I can get my body outside to do my walkng routine. I intend to legally do what I have to in order to rejoin

active duty navy by May 1, 2018 or much sooner. I am starting to intuitively see that my destiny most likely is connected

to rejoining active duty navy andor directly working for an employer who is affiliated with the military.


Posted by Alena Kirby, Senior Executive Search Consultant


Katie Loveseat

Bob-O-Pedic 9 Gel Mattress

Bob-O-Pedic Infused Memory Foam!


It is obvious that this article writer Liz Weston is doing financially well and is probably a millionaire with a paid for home and car

so I will avoid criticizing. However, this well-meaning article is classist in the sense that it assumes that everyone that wants

to quit their jobs are doing so without having done their homework first. First off, I  do not believe in personally quitting another job

without another job lined up unless you are completely relocating to another state. Additionally, I am intuitively aware enough to

understand that it is important to give your boss at least a 2-3 week notice before you quit your job with the understanding that

if they allow you to work those final 2 or 3 weeks then it is privilege and it is at their discretion if they want to allow you to do so

even after you give your notice. I voluntarily left a very comfortable U.S. Navy Career as a supply storekeeper back in 2009 where I was making at least $3,000

dollars after taxes plus I have voluntarily giving notice in quitting before with my current employer so I know what I am talking about.

With that said, it is evident that Liz Weston means well and is highly accomplished probably both money and career wise but

she overlooks that a woman such as myself has actually set her sights “realistically” when it comes to minimum wage jobs. However

during this summer alone, I have either been told that I need the experience for certain minimum wage jobs that were obvious even to

me that the hiring manager already chose someone else or when I did pursue jobs related to my experience I have mainly been told

they were not yet hiring and there was one instance where the hiring manager was at least  more polite to me but admitted they filled

the job previously with someone else. My point; my career dreams, although probably deemed too big by others, are more for

practical money reasons, not to metaphorically give the finger to my any of my managers or coworkers. Additionally, my plan to

eventually relocate to another area close enough to the Washington D.C. area is once again not to metaphorically give the finger

to any of my current managers or coworkers. Rather, for me it is all about money and how even a woman like me sees the financial

benefits of relocating to an area outside of the Washington D.C. area that I enjoy living but still close enough to where I can visit

at least a once andor twice a month or more. I understand that Weston is not trying to come across as classist but to tell a woman

like me to just be happy with competing for minimum wage jobs and to try not to better her career prospects in life with more college

actually makes me more determined to pursue the schooling of my dreams to improve my career and money prospects. Weston

may mean well when she gives this advice but this well meaning article of hers ignores the fact that some hiring managers, both

male and female are human and are influenced by physical appearance, personality, demeanor as well as qualifications when

deciding which women to hire. My point; you can line up at least three other women my age but with different physical appearances,

marital statuses, bodyweight etc and try to be well-meaning by giving them to hiring managers who are open minded when it comes

to both race and gender when hiring but each women is going to have a different experience depending on the hiring manager even if all of the women are the same ethnicity. So please Liz Weston take into account that I see that you are trying to help but your advice overlooks the fact that a woman such as myself

is making her decisions from a monetary standpoint, taking into account the challenging decision of eventually relocating despite having fair managers

and coworkers who are fairly reasonable to get along with. I intend to stay in the Washington D.C. area for the rest of this year
regardless of my career and money situation and regardless of what other people think for practical reasons. However, I reserve the right
to use the three week notification rule even before I relocate. Whoever said that an employee needs to give six months notice must have
been close friends with their managers andor popular with almost all of their coworkers. There is nothing wrong with that, but I am just stating
that it is dangerous to tell your managers when you plan on relocating unless you are close friends with any of them, even if your managers
are nice people and treat people fairly. Additionally, waiting until three weeks before is better because you want to be more than 100 percent sure
that you are moving before giving such lifechanging notice, even if there is a chance that some of your managers andor coworkers may eventually
follow you to the new area that you relocate to.


Liz Weston: Chasing a dream? Fix your finances first


Emilia Clarke’s honest feelings about how she felt when being judged about the sex scenes seemed to show a relatable

and down to earth side about her.


Emilia Clarke says she gets ‘a lot of crap’ for doing Daenerys nude scenes, but one sex scene was empowering


  • 12, 2017, 3:23 PM


  • 23,256


The Gorgeous Balance of Emilia Clarke, Sexiest Woman Alive 2015


Friendly and fierce. Kid sister and killer. Movie star and girl next door.


OCT 13, 2015




I still do believe that beauty comes in all skin complexion shades, hair types, hair colors, ethnicities etc. However,  I am

glad to have came across this link of Esquire pertaining to Penelope Cruz even as a mixed race woman. I see this as

a blessing from my spiritual higher self to embrace my unique looks as a dark  haired mixed race woman regardless of

how my physical appearance is judged by others on this earth. I take this as a sign from my heaven higher self and my heaven

spirit ally team, along with other unseen benevolent/celestial forces from heaven that I must embrace and see my physical

beauty while embracing my natural dark brown hair color. I have my own mind when being determined to wear my hair long

even when judged by others for doing so. This article is healing in the essence that it helps me see the benefits in embracing

my looks as a dark haired woman and to accept that things can get better for me with keeping my natural hair color. However

I do notice that Penelope Cruz knows how to be happy, a vital trait that I am grateful that my higher self has intuitively called

my attention to.

Penélope Cruz Is This Year’s Sexiest Woman Alive


OCT 12, 2014

A story about Madrid, the Plaza de Toros, bullfights, and the Sexiest Woman Alive



Another inspirational example to me as a mixed race woman, even with being blessed to be born an American woman

Rihanna does have both talent and beauty.


Rihanna: The Sexiest Woman Alive 2011

Photographs by Russell Jame


Again, I understand that all skin complexions and hair types are beautiful. I am looking at this as a healing inspiration

for myself as a mixed race woman as I do not see that many women in mainstream media that look even similar to me that often.



The 50 Hottest Biracial Women
“I Lost 50 Pounds Making One Simple Change”


First off, I happen to be a person who just wants to be the best in her current job so I admit that I do not share Bevan’s goal to have her boss’s job. Additionally, I am blessed to work for some fair managers and a fair boss at my job yet I still would not want to do any of their jobs anytime soon for practical concerns that I’m aware that I have much more to learn and improve upon as a non-manager employee at the job I currently have. With that out of the way, I am still glad that Forbes and Liz Ryan shared this article with me as my husband is dedicated to his current job and easily sees himself as a manager at his current job one day so I can at least refer to this article for him through Bevan’s case study. However, I do not always agree with everything Liz Ryan says  in some of her articles. Yet, even I have to admit that Liz Ryan has it right and is only trying to help when she tells Bevan that she needs to wait a while longer before having that discussion with Charlize. Liz Ryan knows what she is saying when she advises Bevan to get to know Charlize more before even coming close to discussing her career ambitions as a boss. For starters, I know from experience that it is human nature for even other females to only help out other females in the workplace if they could see that person as friendship material. I prefer to avoid getting into the debate of this but what this has to do with Bevan’s interest is that she needs to make sure and for certain that as Liz Ryan puts it, Charlize would feel encouraged to train her as a backup boss. Then there are the logistics of what do the other managers think of Bevan in addition to Charlize. I know that this is an obvious question yet it is obvious even to a woman like me that Bevan may want to search herself and make for certain she still wants to be boss after getting to know Charlize andor any other managers and bosses at her job that are on the same level professional wise Charlize andor higher. As I say again, Liz Ryan is only trying to help Bevan in this situation. Kudos to Bevan for succeeding in her job yet I concur with Ryan that she needs more time to get to know Charlize and other managers (at least 6 more months to a year at a minimum) before throwing her professional hat in the ring to be invited to her professional table of preference as a boss.



I Want My Boss’s Job — Should I Tell Her?


I Want My Boss’s Job — Should I Tell Her?

Fortunately, I feel blessed to say that my sweet husband agreed to take me to see this Valerian film this weekend. Both Rihanna

and Cara Delevinge are talented in their own right and are beautiful in a down to earth way (not once have I heard about either

of them shaming other women on how they look). Both women are part of the reason why I admit that I am going to see this Valerian film.

However, it is my understanding that there are going to be other gifted actors/actresses in this film as well. Plus seeing the Valerian film

is an easy choice for both my husband and I as we both have enjoy watching science fiction andor fantasy films from time to time.


The Valerian Hollywood Premiere Had Just as Many Dazzling Looks as a Full-On Awards Show


Rihanna Is the Princess of the Valerian Red Carpet

I take the wheel and drive in all areas of my life both present and future

I am in the process of forging a bright present and future for myself


My energy and confidence are on the rise and increasing in all areas of my life both present and future.


weight loss links for me to keep in mind

I have to credit Washingtonian magazine via the facebook feed for introducing me to this informative link. I am intrigued to research more into the weight loss idea mentioned in this article and I intend to save it in at least my online fitness logs and maybe additional places in my online logs as the idea mentioned in this article is workable even with my budget. I feel blessed to have come across a success story around this idea as it helps broaden my mind what is possible when it comes to losing weight on a budget. I was already having a bright and happy day before coming across this article as it pertains to Alex Schriver who works in what looks to be Public Affairs at Navy Yard. However, this article feels me with even more positive hope and spiritual faith as it pertains to a secret timeline/deadline I have set as an intention for myself to accomplish my weight loss goals.


How I Got This Body: Eating the Same Thing Every Day for Six Months to Lose Over 115 Pounds

Written by Caroline Cunningham | Published on July 11, 2017

I know that I shared this link widely on social media before but I wanted to save and share it again for
encouragement .

Coloma woman shares secret to weight-loss success: ‘I walk every day – no excuses’

to add in Law of Attraction Script 20  on Tuesday November 7 2017


I Stella Carrier and my sweet husband Rusty Ridler are experiencing the essence of happiness, love, and a happier marriage in all areas our lives both present and future. My sweet husband Rusty Ridler is experiencing career success and recognition beyond his wildest dreams at his University of Maryland College Park laundry services job and many of his customers and coworkers are more than happy with his excellent job performance and brilliant customer service. I Stella Carrier am also experiencing much success and recognition beyond my wildest dreams at my University of Maryland College Park Food services job. I Stella Carrier deliver and give higher more than normal satisfaction and pleasure to my customers, coworkers, and managers/bosses leaders that I encounter in my job both present and future. As a matter of fact, I Stella Carrier am also noted for my superb customer service and brilliant job performance by many of my customers, coworkers, managers, bosses and other people both from within my place of employment and outside of my place of employment for both present and future.  I Stella Carrier frequently exceed expectations in a happy and good way that are set by my leaders at my current University of Maryland College Park food services job; Rob Fahey, George Gomez, Kevin Williams Cindy Bolden etc.


I Stella Carrier enjoy a powerful, magical and even stronger connection each day with my heaven higher self and my heaven spirit ally team of the heaven worlds of divine love and divine happiness. I Stella Carrier successfully create heaven on earth and in my afterlife in all areas of my life both present and future.

I Stella Carrier am also becoming wiser and thriving in multiple ways both present and future such as through my volunteering, voluntarily seeking therapy etc. I Stella Carrier am fortunately becoming more gifted at social intelligence through my volunteering, therapy, and other creative endeavors. I Stella Carrier am becoming a woman of unlimited imagination power, unlimited genius powers, and unlimited genius powers in all areas of my life both present and future.

volunteering helps with social skills

The Social Benefits of Volunteering

secrets of popular coworkers

Psychologist shares the secret to making friends at work

By Rachel Gillett

23 Scientific Ways to Be Popular at Work

By Cassy Perera

A retired Navy SEAL commander who wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to work out shares his weekly fitness routine

A retired Navy SEAL commander who wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to work out shares his weekly fitness routine

By Richard Feloni

Online Virginia Network

found by 932 am Tuesday November 7 2017

How volunteering can help you gain new skills

Are you looking for a new direction in your work life? Do you feel like you need to make that next step? Sometimes you need a little extra something to get over that next hurdle. The answer could come from volunteering.

Volunteer work can broaden your experience and exposure to life where work can’t or doesn’t. Ask friends, family, and colleagues who volunteer. They’ll tell you that volunteering adds depth to their lives.

Shelley Falzon completed her Masters in Communication at age 39, but had no work experience on her CV. At the end of her degree Falzon volunteered for a communications role at Volunteering Victoria. It gave her the opportunity to try out her theoretical skills in the real world, and perhaps more importantly, gave her hands on experience in social media marketing.

“I learned how to update social media channels using Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Hootesuite applications.” She landed a three-day-a-week paid job with Volunteering Victoria as a result.

Help Your Volunteers Gain Skills They Can Use

Five Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Loving others makes you feel more love.  Researchers at the London School of Economics studied the level of “happiness” among those who volunteer, and found that the more people served others, the happier they were. Volunteering builds empathy, strengthens social bonds and makes you smile – all factors in measurable happiness levels.

Volunteering is good for your social life. People who are naturally shy or have trouble making friends have found that volunteering gives them the opportunity to develop their social skills – especially those who volunteer in programs like mentoring, tutoring or teaching. Additionally, being around like-minded people gives them ample opportunity to strike up friendships with people who have common interests.

I confess that I was actually planning on doing more volunteering to strengthen my social skills , communication skills,and relationship building skills (at least a consistent once a week at a minimum) in addition to strengthening purpose for being alive through contributing to others around me via volunteering. However, I feel spiritually blessed to come across an article that confirmed how volunteering can help a person thrive in addition to building social skills and expand my employment skills. Please know that I am not definitely telling anybody to volunteer, rather I am just sharing a link that I found informative and as a positive confirmation that volunteering would help me with one of my goals to become more skilled in social intelligence while simultaneously expanding my understanding of ways to contribute. I had a chance to fortunately volunteer back in October and greatly enjoyed it and learned a lot just from that experience. I just need to make up my mind on other days I would make time for volunteering for the rest of this current year and beyond as fortunately my current job/employment allows me a stable  work schedule.



By Rob Stott

600 dollar listing as of 1013 am Tuesday November 7 2017

as of 1019 am Tuesday November 7 2017

The Graduate School of Political management online George Washington University

University of Southern California USC Annenberg School For Communication and Journalism

Primavera Stuffed Chicken

University of Maryland Robert H Smith School of Business

Metro Cooking DC 2017 link for my personal reference

Graduate Programs in Communication John Hopkins University


songs from Pandora; Apollo by Hardwell, The Promise by When in Rome,Your Love is My Drug by Kesha, Come Undone by Duran Duran sources I prefer to keep secret; Get it on Bang a Gong by the Power Station, Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer


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